Mellanox ConnectX-4 Lx "Made in India" ... legit?

I recently purchased three “Mellanox ConnectX-4 Lx (MCX4121A-ACAT)” and was quite surprised all three “Made in India”. So far I was only aware of “Made in China” and “Made in Isreal” for Mellanox products. One PCB looks quite different then the others … although same origin, batch, time.

Are those legit - any way to check that?

Have you purchased ConnectX-4 are purchased by NVIDIA(Mellanox) Distributors?

If yes, all products are legit.
If not, we have to check the warranty of those ConnectX with the serial number.

How do I check warranty - just write the serial numbers to support?

You can check the warranty from the NVIDIA Enterprise Support Portal site.

Please check it from
Enterprise Support Portal > Networking Support Bot > Check My Coverage

Ok says the following for all three serial numbers:

Your product is covered by the #Factory Repair warranty until <printed date + 12mo>.

So I guess it seems genuine.

Thanks for the tip!