Mellanox CX5 isn't showing PASID Capability on lspci


I’m working with Mellonox CX-5 CDAT, I don’t see the PASID capability ID 0x001B on the extended capability address space when I get the hexdump using the lspci.

I’m using Intel processor and enabled the VT-d on BIOS as well. Kernel Version is 5.15.0-69-generic

Hello bgodi,

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Please make sure to enable ATS in BIOS and then enable it on the card using mlxconfig as below:
mlxconfig -d /dev/mst/mt4123_pciconf0 set ATS_ENABLED=1

For more details: 2

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Hi Sribhargavid,

Thank you for the response, I did what you recommended and I didn’t see any difference. I enabled the VT-d (ATS, I didn’t find anything exclusively that says ATS on Aptiov) and on the drivers I enabled the ATS_ENABLED flag. I see the ATS capability structure on lspci but not the PASID capability structure.

I used other graphics card with PASID capability that is showing up on lspci in the same environment. So, I’m striking out the kernel modules/BIOS enablement/and any other environment settings.

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Hello Bharath,

Thank you for your quick response. PASID is a feature that can be enabled in the context of ATS.
ConnectX-5 don’t enable it and don’t support it in the FW.

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Nvidia Support