mellanox dpdk kni

i am using mellanox MT27500 Family [ConnectX-3], trying to install DPDK and run KNI sample app. I am following this guide, everything is good, i successfully installed DPDK and hello world app ran. i loaded KNI module, bind my ethernet card with igb_uio and compiled KNI also, without any error but when i am tring to run KNI sample app with following command -

{RTE_SDK}/examples/kni/build/kni -c 0x0f -n 4 – -P -p 0x3 --config="(0,0,1),(1,2,3)"

i got error saying unsupported ethernet card, i have been checking different different websites and blogs & am i am confuse about connect X3 card. At some blogs/tutorials it is saying that DPDK PMD that is a prerequisite for KNI, supports on connects X3 Pro & above like , some says it is supported on connect x3 & above like

My requirement is KNI, it’s have been searching this for last two weeks, Need some guidance from community. I will be very grateful to you.

I just checked 18.11.1 LTS and it works.

When working with Mellanox HCA, it is different from Intel and there is nothing to bind. Be sure that you have rte_kni module loaded and specify device with ‘-w’ option on command line.

Centos 7.4,


[root@b-csi-0333s kni]# lspci -d 15b3: |grep 85

85:00.0 Ethernet controller: Mellanox Technologies MT27500 Family [ConnectX-3

[root@b-csi-0333s kni]# mstvpd 85:00.0

ID: CX314A - ConnectX-3 QSFP


[root@b-csi-0333s dpdk-stable-18.11.1]# cd examples/kni/

[root@b-csi-0333s kni]# ./build/kni -l 0-4 -n 4 -w 85:00.0 – -p 0x3 --config="(0,0,1,5),(1,2,3,6)"

EAL: Detected 24 lcore(s)

EAL: Detected 2 NUMA nodes

EAL: Multi-process socket /var/run/dpdk/rte/mp_socket

EAL: No free hugepages reported in hugepages-2048kB

EAL: No free hugepages reported in hugepages-2048kB

EAL: No free hugepages reported in hugepages-2048kB

EAL: Probing VFIO support…

EAL: PCI device 0000:85:00.0 on NUMA socket 0

EAL: probe driver: 15b3:1003 net_mlx4

PMD: net_mlx4: PCI information matches, using device “mlx4_1” (VF: false)

PMD: net_mlx4: 2 port(s) detected

PMD: net_mlx4: port 1 MAC address is 00:02:c9:2e:dd:a0

PMD: net_mlx4: port 2 MAC address is 00:02:c9:2e:dd:a1

APP: Initialising port 0 …

KNI: pci: 85:00:00 15b3:1003

APP: Initialising port 1 …

KNI: pci: 85:00:00 15b3:1003

Checking link status


Port 0 Link Down

Port 1 Link Down

APP: ========================

APP: KNI Running

APP: kill -SIGUSR1 21516

APP: Show KNI Statistics.

APP: kill -SIGUSR2 21516

APP: Zero KNI Statistics.

APP: ========================

APP: Lcore 1 is writing to port 0

APP: Lcore 2 is reading from port 1

APP: Lcore 3 is writing to port 1

APP: Lcore 4 has nothing to do

APP: Lcore 0 is reading from port 0


SIGRTMIN/SIGINT received. KNI processing stopping.