Mellanox MCX654105A-HCAT and Dell R7525

Hi all, attempting to achieve 200Gb interconnect between a few R7525s.

Tl;dr: can these cards (dual PCIe) be made compatible with this machine?

After installation, following the hardware maintenance guide on proper riser distribution, I am presented with “The system detected an exception during the UEFI pre-boot environment.” during POST, where the system hangs.

BIOS, Networking FW, iDRAC and LCC, are at latest versions.

Any and all suggestions greatly appreciated.

After testing the card in other systems at my disposal, I found one that would POST with it.

Once booted, I decided to update the card’s firmware to latest using mstflint. Swapped it back into the non-booting R7525, and behold, it POSTed.

With the secondary PCIe board installed, the system correctly reads an available bandwidth of 200Gb/s.

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