Mellanox NIC + Real time performance monitoring


We are using Mellanox NIC connectx5 for RDMA data transfer.

We would like to know how to measure RDMA data transfer rate in real time. Is there any tool to analyse RDMA operation in real-time?

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Thanks for contacting us.
To test RDMA data transfer in real time you can use this commands:

RDMA /write/read/send bandwidth test

Server side	    Client side
ib_write_bw	    ib_write_bw<host name>
ib_read_bw	    ib_read_bw<host name>
ib_send_bw	    ib_send_bw<host name>

Information regarding all tools to test RDMA can be found in this link:

For further information and options, please refer to the tool’s man page.