Mellanox ofed 2.1 Centos 6.x system-config-firewall-tui hangs

Ive encountered an issue where system-config-firewall-tui hangs after installing Mellanox ofed 2.1 on just about every system i have (being several) , you can see modprobe going wild in top.

Ive found only one article and its was without solution, 0004163: Infiniband, after editing firewall via setup command modprobe runs at 100% CPU with openibd running - CentOS Bu…


Hanging process is

modprobe -rxt_state being a childprocess of ip6tables and iptables service restarting.

Moreover if you stop the openibd service first you can avoid the hang.

The issue is somewhere between the openibd service and iptables restarting when using system-config-firewall-tui.

Has anybody else encountered this problem?

Any solutions?


I am not familiar with this issue but I looked around and i can see a bugzilla entree that has a solution on this:

From what i am reading around, it is probably not related to the OFED driver. the fact the iptables service needs to be stopped/start actually trigger the issue.

Anyhow, check the bugzilla page and see if this is matching your issue.