Mellanox OFED 2.2 missing OpenSHMem

We have just upgraded to MLNX_OFED_LINUX-2.2-1.0.1-rhel6.5-x86_64.tgz on CentOS 6.5 and we have found in the RPMs directory there is no openshmem RPM. From what I can see Mellanox have moved it to the HPC-X Toolkit, but this is only available for gcc and icc while we use PGI compilers. There is no source within the package for SSHMem nor RPMs to install it.

The previous version RPM is compiled against MXM 1.5 while OFED 2.2 has MXM 3.0 so they are not compatible.

When we try to compile a cluster specific version of OpenMPI 1.8 it complains about missing OpenSHMem libraries as well.

Can anyone suggest where I can get an openshmem RPM compatible with OFED 2.2 that I can deploy across our cluster?


The OpenSHMEM code is part of OpenMPI.rpm which is available from OFED source tarbals and also from OpenMPI site.

We contribute all OpenSHMEM code to the OpenMPI and it is part of v1.8 OpenMPI release:

HPCX package contains as well (with OpenSHMEM code) and HPCX/README file has a “configure” command line you can use to specify PGI compiler.

Kind Regards

Mike Dubman.