Mellanox OFED cluster install questions

Noob warning

Having trouble understanding the installer for this…

Backstory: We have a cluster that is currently running OFED ← very old in /opt/ofed

Goal: Have old IB in place but also have new IB in place so users can use both.


Downloaded mellanox package (MLNX_OFED_LINUX-3.1-1.0.3-rhel6.7-x86_64) on our test cluster.


Note that all other Mellanox, OEM, OFED, or Distribution IB packages will be removed.

Do you want to continue?[y/N]:y

Install completes and nothing appears touched in /opt/ofed

Next test (newer installer):

Downloaded mellanox package (MLNX_OFED_LINUX-3.2- on our test cluster.


Note: Everything under /opt/ofed was removed…


What happened!? Why did it not delete the files in /opt/ofed on the older installer, but did with the new installer?

Also, why can’t I prefix the install? Previously, when building just OFED you could add a prefix to the conf file. Now, it says it doesn’t support prefix? This means I now have 3 folders in /opt




Is there a way to add a prefix to this type of install that I am missing?

Thanks, and any help is greatly appreciated.