Mellanox Onyx Inter-VRF routing possible?

How do you route traffic to the management port from default and other VRFs?

I am not able to ping the default gateway on the management port for some reason.

Basically what I am asking is, can my data traffic be routed via the mgmt network?

Is MGMT0 in default VRF or mgmt VRF?

For example, MGMT0 has address, Gateway is Can my traffic on VLAN 10 let say a workstation with IP address which is on the default VRF be able to talk to gateway via the MGMT interface?

Is it possible to make this work?

Hi Jimmy,

The mgmt0 interface on Mellanox switches is a seperate NIC on the device.

Traffic from mgmt0 interface cannot be forwarded out the QSFP/SFP data plane ports and the other way around.

Regarding the VRF of mgmt0 interface, this depends on the version you are on.

Version prior to 3.9.2006 mgmt0 is always on default VRF, 3.9.2006 and newer you have the option to configure vrf mgmt which is special for the OOB management interface mgmt0/1.

Thank you for the info, Hagai!