Mellanox QSFP+ 40GBASE - CR4 MC2210126-005 Passive copper program code


we use the following module

        identifier             : QSFP+
        cable/module type      : Passive copper, unequalized
        ethernet speed and type: 40GBASE - CR4
        vendor                 : Mellanox
        cable length           : 5m
        part number            : MC2210126-005
        revision               : A2
        serial number          : MT2247VS02994

As we are investigating the compatibility to a Sophos Firewall we would like to know which program code this transceiver is running?

  • Cisco?
  • Intel?
  • Generic?

We couldnt find any information in the datasheet. Is there an answer?


Not sure I follow your q.

This is a Mellanox branded Passive copper cable. It doesn’t have any active logic running within the module.

Can you please explain what is ‘program code’? an example would be best.

Hi dwaxman,

we reference to Sophos` compatible module listing which states they do not support Cisco or generic program code. Only Intel is supported.
Service and Support (in the chapter 40G Transceivers).

Honestly we dont exactly know what they mean by “program code”.


As mentioned, those are passive cables – they hold an EEPROM in accordance to the SFF spec.

They should be working fine unless Sophos firmware is actively blocking vendors other than Intel in their product.
This should be queried with Sophos.

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