Mellanox Technologies MT2892 ethernet mode

We are using the Mellanox Technologies MT2892 Family on ethernet mode:

	CA type: MT4125
	Number of ports: 1
	Firmware version: 22.37.1014
	Hardware version: 0
	Node GUID: 0xe8ebd30300b0d193
	System image GUID: 0xe8ebd30300b0d192
	Port 1:
		State: Active
		Physical state: LinkUp
		Rate: 100
		Base lid: 0
		LMC: 0
		SM lid: 0
		Capability mask: 0x00010000
		Port GUID: 0xeaebd3fffeb0d193
		Link layer: Ethernet

After the firmware update, we got a peek of 80 Gb/s; however, after 1/2 hours after the firmware upgrade top transfer speed was 3.58Gb/s,

Any hints to fix this?


Hello @fabio.andrijauskas,

Thank you for posting your query on our community. Please refer to the below link to ensure that you are using firmware compatible products:

If the issue still persists, I would like to request submitting a support ticket for further troubleshooting. The support ticket can be opened by emailing " "

Please note that an active support contract would be required for the same. For contracts information, please feel free to reach out to our contracts team at " "

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