Mellanox VSA for Hyper-V

Heheh. I need to finish my morning coffee before responding to people sometimes.

Anyways, I am more than happy to discuss further what you are working on, we can always help with alternative solutions. I have a customer using SMB Direct to bridge Fiber Channel onto IB networks, very slick.

As for VSA - what’s your interest in this product?

smb3_femi : contact me directly, we can talk about VSA: jeffm (at) mellanox (dot) com

cactus : VSA is iSER only, no SRP support. SRP comes in our OFED stack, and is a very nice storage protocol. There are some storage vendors supporting SRP such as (and not limited to): DDN, Texas Memory, Violin, Xyratex, NetApp ( and others (I really apologize to any storage partner I missed )

Ok, Jeff, where is the VSA. You haven’t said if it’s available or not?

We haven’t tested SDP accelerating iSCSI, but I suppose it’s possible.

I don’t get many requests for SDP these days, and I believe Open Fabrics removed it (From their latest newsletter):

Not sure if that means they depricated it or if it’s gone all together.

OFED 3.5 is Now Available on the OFA Website

Version 3.5 of OpenFabrics Enterprise Distribution (OFED) is available on the OFA web site . The main changes from OFED and 1.5.4 include:

  • Based on linux-3.5 kernel
  • kernel-ib RPM renamed to compat-rdma
  • Removed MPI packages and tests
  • Removed SDP kernel module and libsdp, sdpnetstat 5. XRC is supported in kernel only
  • Removed support for RHEL 5.X and SLES 10 SPx

Jeff, sent u email

I really appreciate all the Mellanox folks responding to this thread.

Reading cactus reply, I’m a little confused regarding iSER

I’m sure jmargolis will set me straight once we touch base

Very simple: iSER is iSCSI + RDMA (RDMA replacing TCP as the underlying transport). It’s well supported in Linux for now, and maybe other OSes in the future.

Nope. Not right now at least.