Mem from DMA device to G80 DMA possible ?

Hi everyone there.

I’m a grabbing data (signal frequency) from a grabber linked to the PCI Express Interface.

Currently data are transfered by DMA from this grabber to the pc’s main memory, then from the main memory (HOST) to the G80 Global Memory, this way :

grabber(PCI Ecpress)->DMA transfert->MainMemory->DMA transfert->G80 global mem

Is it possible to directly have a Grabber to G80 global memory DMA transfert whithout using the system’s main memory, which is an intermediary which is not usefull here ?
grabber(PCI Ecpress)->DMA transfert->G80 global mem

If you think this is possible, do you have an idea of how to do this ?

Thanks a lot

Yeah, I have a similar question. Is there a way to get a frame grabber to DMA video straight to the G80 memory? Has anyone tried this, or know how to do it?

Thanks for your time!



This isn’t possible currently, but we’re working on it.

Will this be available in future Tesla or CUDA driver releases, or if NVidia came out with a custom frame grabber card that would work too. Thanks again!

I’m highly interested in this direct DMA capability also. When such functionality could be anticipated?