Memeory leak

It seems that Isaac Sim still has the memory leak issue, This is on both 2022.1.0 and 2021.2.1

  1. create a stage
  2. load all objects and robots
  3. setup multiple cameras, viewports and synthetic data helper
  4. record data using synthetic data helper.
  5. close stage

Is there anything I can do to avoid causing a memory leak? It’s been giving me a lot of headaches.

@nikepupu9 , are you seeing the memory leak issue for the recent release 2022.1.1?

In 2021.2.1 and 2022.1.0.

To upgrade to 2022.1.1 I need to change some apis .
This is the same issues pointed out here: Known Issues — Omniverse Robotics documentation

point number 2

Is this issue been addressed in 2022.1.1?

It should be leaking less with 2022.1.1 but there are still issues the omniverse rendering and driver teams are working on to fully solve the problem.

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