Memory allocation in Windows for fortran77 applications

Hi There,

I am using pgf77 to compile a fortran program in a 64bit machine. It compiles the file and the executable works. My question is:

  • I have a 64bit dual proecessor, but the windows shows that I have 4 cpu’s and if I run one executable, it uses one of the four (25 %), and if I run 3 execultables, each of them uses 25 %, total 75 % of the CPU.

It does not give more CPU to the simulation even if I change the priority of the application.

Do you have any suggestions to fix this?


If you have a dual processor and it shows that you have 4, then each processor is likely a dual core. I haven’t used SMP on windows, but you could try to parallelize your program with -Mconcur or using -mp and openMP directives. This will likely split the workload among the processors. Keep in mind that 25% of a 2 processor dual core system is approximately 100% of a single processor single core system.