Memory allocation problem


I have got a Quadro FX 5600 with 1.5GB global memory.
I’m trying to create a volume renderer for a quite big volume, based on the “volume renderer” example included in CUDA SDK’s projects.

As can be seen in the attached source (based on original CUDA’s “volume renderer” sample), I have got 2 big memory allocations to do on the device, both made by cudaMalloc:

  1. A constant allocation of ~40MB
  2. A memory block describing the whole volume which can get up to 460MB. This memory is then bound to a uchar texture in the same way it’s done in CUDA’s “volume renderer” project.
    No other significant memory is allocated on the device.

When I try to allocate quite small volumes (I’ve checked up to 110MB), it works fine, but when I try to allocate bigger volumes, I get no error message on runtime but the software doesn’t work.

Does anybody have any idea what may be the problem? (6.13 KB) (14.2 KB)