Memory Bank in Fermi

Hi Everyone,

In the Fermi architecture the shared memory can also be configured as 48 KB. How many memory banks will there be in this case?

I think banks remain the same , i.e, 32

Yes it’s 32. Makes sense because the 16 * 2 SPs need to be able to access shared memory at the same time. This has nothing to do with the amount of available memory…

I have slight confusion here.

From what I know,

The GT200 architecture has 16 KB of shared memory and 16 banks, each of 1 KB.

The GF100 architecture can have either 16 KB or 48 KB of reconfigurable shared memory. It can not have 32KB configuration.

I am assuming that, in GF100 architecture and 16 KB of shared memory, there are 16 banks each of 1 KB. I want to know if this is correct?

I also want to know that in GF100 architecture and 48 KB configuration of shared memory how many banks are available and what is the size of each bank?

(1) Yes.

(2)Haven’t thought about this yet but I guess since each bank is 4 bytes wide. And 48 KB => 49152 bytes/ 32 banks = 1536 bytes/bank => 1.5 KB/bank.