Memory Banks Conflict Question

__shared__ char shared[32];

char data = shared[BaseIndex + tid];

Above code is the example that is given in the CUDA documentation, however, I’m not clear on why is:

shared[1], shared[2], shared[3], shared[4];

Shares the same memory banks… Well, it says that’s because if “s” is odd, then it will conflict, but I’d like to see some type of proof…? I can’t see this from all of the examples given…



Banks are 32-bit, so four chars will be packed into a single bank.

On the same lines, would it be correct to say that a “double” would occupy 2 banks?

Thanks! I got it… :)…


That means that each char is 8 bits, so that’s why it’s being multiplied by 4 to get 32 for each of the char, am I correct?

yes, chars are 1byte = 8bit values