Memory Characterization guide says: LPDDR3 is NOT supported with L4T. What does it really mean?

Downloaded the memory characterization application note, and on the first page it says “NOTE: LPDDR3 is NOT supported with L4T”.

What does this mean? Isn’t support for LPDDR3 just a matter of putting the right values in the EMC?

It seems that the tool for memory characterization supports LPDDR3 just fine. It has .par files for it, and I suspect it boots the board and configures it for LPDDR3 via some interface to the Boot Rom?

The Power design is a limitation to support LPDDR3 on Jetson TK1/L4T.
Jetson TK1 AMS PMIC have a 1.35v power to support DDR3L while the LPDDR3 require 1.2v power.
There is no reference platform with L4T to support LPDDR3

Thanks for the explanation. Sounds like it may Just Work with lpddr3 with the correct ram setup. If not, I will just have to fix it :)

Xiaomi MIPAD tablet was powered with TK1 and LPDDR3 memory, But the OS is android and PMIC is from TI.

I’ve discovered a bug in the Memory Characterization tools. Where do I report?

I’d report it to your NVIDIA FAE and also describe it here so other people would be aware of it.

The issue is in TK1_GenerateBKVFiles.bat

Broken code:


The above code is wrong, so neither goto will be done. It will just continue to the DDR3L setup even if LPDDR3 was specified.

Fixed code:

  if '%MEM_TYPE%'=='DDR3L' goto DDR3L_TOPOLOGY

Hi Tasslehoff,

It is really a code bug, will feedback this to relative team, thanks a lot.

Great :)