Memory Characterization Tool -- Parameter file

Need to generate the parameter file for Micron chip MT41K256M16LY-107:N

Referring the parameter file in extras\param_files directory. In parameter file, under //Tool options,
some parameters are there. E.g.

// Tool options
allow_la_dda_cfg : 0 // Add LA/DDA programming as part of BOOT_LOADED boot_mode
dram_board_cfg : DF // DRAM board swizzle configuration
dqm_inverted : DF // Control to invert dqm
dqs_pulld_en : DF // force dqs pulldown. DF means only high freq turns it on
odt_en : DF // force odt enable. DF means only high freq turns it on
share_one_odt : DF // force share one odt.
dll_en : DF // force dll enable. DF means dll is always enabled
lock_dll_b4_cc : DF // lock dll before clock change
dll_cont : 0 // force dll mode to be continuous.
dll_ovr : DF // force dll override enable.
dll_override_val : DF // dll override value.

and etc.

Whether we need to update these parameters or directly use the reference chip parameters.
What kind of change, need to make? Please help.

Hi BalajiNP,

‘//Tool options’ are all same for different chips, no need to update.

The .par files in extras\param_files directory are created with their datasheet, if your chip part number is same as the .par file name, that will be ok to use .par file directly, otherwise you have to derive relevant values from its datasheet you got. And also it will be better to check the .par file with the datasheet you got to make sure all parameters are correct.
File ‘TegraK1_MemoryCharacterization_AppNote’ in shmoo package instruct how to generate .par file, not all parameters need be updated, you can refer it for details.