Memory Experiments not showing up

The memory experiments do no longer show up in my CUDA Launches/Experiment Results.

All the other experiments do!

It’s only the memory experiments that are no longer there. They used to, but I can’t tell when that changed. The profiler is clearly doing something because it takes forever when I’ profiling all the kernels for memory experiments only. I’m profiling a dll which is called as a plugin by another app if that makes a difference.

I generated and looked at the logs in
C:\Users\Philipp\AppData\Roaming\NVIDIA Corporation\Nsight\Monitor\1.0\Logs
C:\Users\Philipp\AppData\Roaming\NVIDIA Corporation\Nsight\Vsip\1.0\Logs

But that did not tell me anything. No errors in there or the mention of memory stuff as far as i can tell. Any ideas what the problem might be or hints as to where else to look at?

Machine specs:
Windows 7, GTX 680, NSight 4.6.15071, Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition
Windows 8.1, Titan, NSight 4.6.15071, Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition

Hi Jehova,

I’m also surprised by your experience. I have tried on my side that memory experiment on a CUDA dll works well. Could you send your problem nvreport to us. Its default location is C:\temp. If possible, share your project with us would be great helpful for us to investigate this issue. Thanks.