Memory fault with pgi-6.1 but not pgi-5.2.2/

A serial program works fine with pgi-5.2.2/ and options -O1 -r8 -i8
the same source source with 6.1 and -O1 -r8 -i8 -tp p7-64
compiles with the same warnings as in the first case, but the program terminates in the second iteration with a memory fault and a core dump.

The error happens at the same place (when a program mixb.x is called for the 2nd time).
To find the fault I open a File after the declarations and write something into this file in the next line. In the first iteration the file is created and the text is written into the file. In the second iteration ther program crashes and the file is empty with the actual time, so it seems that the file-access causes the error.

Any suggestions how to find and solve the problem?

Thanks in advance, Bernd.

Hi Bernd,

Can you post a small example or send a report to It’s unclear to me what the issue would be and a code sample would help.