Memory in_mat and out_mat is CPU memory or GPU memory (urgent)

I used dsexample as template to write a custom plugin. I add the following code to get image.

As I know, host_rgb_buf is gpu memory

cv::Mat in_mat;
cv::Mat out_mat;
in_mat = cv::Mat(fstracker->video_info.height,  fstracker->video_info.width,
		CV_8UC3, fstracker->host_rgb_buf, fstracker->video_info.width * 3);
cv::cvtColor (in_mat, out_mat, CV_RGBA2BGR);

Please let me know whether in_mat and out_mat is CPU memory


It is CPU buffer.
GPU buffer is defined as cv::gpu::GpuMat.


So you mean dsexample->inter_buf could be convert to cv::gpu::GpuMat ? when i do this and try to manipulate if I got a coredump, any answer?


Could you share your implementation with us to check?

Hi liushuono1,

Is this still an issue to support? Any update?