Memory increases on hibernate resume

I have nvidia driver 340.32
linux kernel 3.16.1 and xorg 1.16.0 but this has been happening with previous versions of xorg and nvidia driver for over a year now.
When I place my computer under hibernate and resume, the memory usage in xorg server increases by 25 to 30MB each time. So three hibernate operations in a row and memory increases from 35 to 140MB.

My work requires I keep applications open and I have intermittent power outages due to summer heat so I hibernate my desktop when UPS battery goes low.
I just need to know how to troubleshoot the problem so I can tell what is at fault here.

I am also running KDE 4.14
The card is an old evga GeForce 430GT.
If I don’t hibernate, I can go over 100 hours with xorg memory usage not exceeding 45MB. Hibernating seems to be causing this.

I know some nvidia developers are active on xorg development so I would appreciate any information about how to troubleshoot and tell which component is the cause.

Thank you in advance.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (63.6 KB)

nvidia-bug-report script says will now collect information about your
system and create the file 'nvidia-bug-report.log.gz' in the current
directory.  It may take several seconds to run.  In some
cases, it may hang trying to capture data generated dynamically
by the Linux kernel and/or the NVIDIA kernel module.  While
the bug report log file will be incomplete if this happens, it
may still contain enough data to diagnose your problem.

Please include the 'nvidia-bug-report.log.gz' log file when reporting
your bug via the NVIDIA Linux forum (see
or by sending email to ''.

Running to look up boot -1: Cannot assign requested address
Failed to look up boot -2: Cannot assign requested address

If the bug report script hangs after this point consider running with
--safe-mode command line argument.


did you tried to hibernate in another desktop environment?
May be related to a bug in the compositor.

Yes, moved from kde4 to gnome3 (temporary thing till KF5 matures) and upgraded the nvidia card to a 630GT. Same issue.

don’t have access so not able to download . Please attach log file to earlier post. Is the issue still reproduce if there is no any application running on the desktop? Try using latest Xorg version or latest os.

I had accidentally deleted the old log.
I uploaded a new file

Thank you.
The memory increase is a bit less with no applications running on the desktop but it is still there.

I also attached the log to the first post

Here is a case of sudden 350+MB increase in xorg memory usage too.
at 12:17 or 12:18, ctrl+alt+f2 then back to xsession on ctrl+alt+f3 causes xorg memory usage to up from 30MB to 380MB.
subsequent ctrl+alt+f2 then ctrl+alt+f3 don’t cause memory spikes after the initial one.

Please take a look at this, Nvidia developers. It is a bad one.
Thank you in advance.

Hi sandipt. If you are still working on this one, I noticed the bug happens on both gnome3.18 and kde4.14 but not under KF5 (plasma5.4).

Amount of open programs increases the memory leak. 355.11 driver, xorg-server 1.17.2 and linux 4.2.3 kernel.