memory model change to avoid crash

I get the following output when I compile my program with pgcc and run it:

This persistent region (20971520) is too small (870588416).
Aborted (core dumped)

This is indicating I think that I am exceeding allocated memory. How do I get it to run? This happens almost immediately after I try to run the prpgram. I think that it happens on the allocation steps. Can changing the mcmodel and/or any other parameter stop the crash and core dump from occuring? I think it is just crashing because the amount of memory allocated at the start of the program is excesssive.

The command i give or just linking with the math library and a special libaray thta checks for false sharing. The compile linker commands are basic such as:

-lrt -m64 -lm

Can I allocate more memory for the arrays? This gives the same message when I substitute gcc for pgcc. The crash messsage is exactly the same.

Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance.


THX 1138

Hi THX_1138,

The error isn’t coming from any PGI runtime routine so I assume it’s coming from the false sharing library. Can you check the libraries documentation for it’s meaning?

  • Mat