Memory Shmoo BKV + Swizzle Question

Hi, I’m intending to run a shmoo on a custom board. Section 5.3.2 of the TK1 Memory Characterization App Note explains how to input board propagation delays to run a sanity shmoo.

Note 2 intends to answer my very question, but it’s unclear to me.

  1. The signal name of $CLK/$CMD/$CTRL should be AP ball name remapped by board configuration – see section 5.4. Generating Data Byte/Bit swizzle.
  2. The signal name of $DQSx/$DQSy should be AP ball name.

In both cases, does this mean I should use the actual ball’s prop delay (and basically ignore what the signal is) or use the ball name of the signal that will later be remapped by the swizzle (e.g. if signal DQ50 gets remapped to ball DQ32, I enter the delay seen by ball DQ32 under DQ50 in the spreadsheet)?

Thanks for any help!

Note 2 is for CLK/CMD/CTRL signals which should use remapped ball name. Note 3 is for DQ signals which should use ball name directly.