Mental Ray CUDA ? Rendering using CUDA


Ok, so I work on animations and such at home and am stuck rendering everything using my CPU… This is very time consuming and would like to move the process over to my much more capable GPU’s. I use 3DsMax 2009 and use the Mental Ray renderer. I was am hopeing that someone could either direct me on how to do this or a website that would allow me to. I know that this has to be possible! Any help is appreciated!


Motherboard:ASUS Striker Extreme
CPU: Intel Extreme Quad QX6850 (3.3GHz)
GPUs: (2)8800 ULTRA’s
RAM: Corsair 8GB (4x 2gig sticks)

Thanks in advance!

nobody wants to official come out and say it, but if they added it in mental ray, think about all the killer hardware nvidia can sell to create render farms instead of loosing all that money to purely cpu based rendering

I know! You wouldent have to have a “big” render farm either. If you could do GPU based rendering the speed gain would be massive. Think of how many frames a second games render. It in theory would be a similar speed. However I still really could use, (like most animators I guess…) this so if someone can direct me in the right direction… That would be great. (Or if you can just walk me through how to do it :biggrin: )


Mental Ray has been acquired by NVIDIA.

It goes without saying that they r going to do it on GPU!

Wait n watch for the software to come out!

That is good to hear. Now I just have to wait… Guess it will be a nice thing to look foward to though!

I came to know of it recently from the following post:

Check out Simon’s reply!

Is there any news about the Mental Ray development using CUDA? Can someone from CUDA or Mental Ray dev. teams give us some official information about what is going on this very interesting area? Please!

I think there was a recent press release about NVIDIA’s FX composer and Mental ray…

Check out this press release dated July 2008…-2008.html#c896

Check for press rooms of NVIDIA and Mental Ray for more info.