Mentalray and Tesla using Cuda cuda for raytrace rendering

Hi, I want to know if nvidia is doing a driver to render with mentalray using cuda and tesla or 8800gtx gpu’s

That’s not up to nvidia but the developer of your raytracer. There are certainly people working on doing raytracing using CUDA, if you’re interested do a forum search :)

I did a forum research before posting and this is the first post about mentalray and cuda on this forum.

mental images developed mental ray 3.3 in close cooperation with NVIDIA (1994)

mental images (mentalray), is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NVIDIA. This strategic combination enables the development of tools and technologies to advance the state of visualization. These solutions are optimized for next generation computing architectures and create new product categories for both hardware and software solutions. (2007)

I hope someone of cuda or mentalray raplies here…