Menu bar lost

Hello, after switching to another window, the menu bar of Create is missing sometime.

Hello @user79641! When you say switching to another window, what are you switching between? I am trying to see if I can reproduce the problem. Any more information you can provide will help!

Thank you! The other windows can be Windows Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Spotify and Blender. I usually open them when I work with Create.

This is my UI rendering settings by the way (which are unwantedly reset every time I start Create):

Got it to reproduce! I am notifying the development team now! I appreciate you bringing this to our attention!

(A development ticket was created for this post: OM-45716: The menu bar disappeared while using Create (File, Window, etc))

Thank you!

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Hi All! I’ve checked in with the dev team about this issue and they are actively working on it. It’s a high priority so I expect to see this issue resolved very soon!

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