Merge CUDA - Camera's API Lumenera SDK and CUDA

Hi everyone,

In this moment I have a CUDA application working well, but I need to merge this application with a differente SDK, a Lumenera SDK (Lumenera is a Cameras Manufacturer). I have a working application in Lumenera as well. The question is How can I merge this two applications with the purpose that they work well together and synchronized, this is in order to accelerate an image processing software.

Can anyone tell me what to do in this case?? I know CUDA but I’m not a programmer.


do you have the source code of the application? It is hard to do if you are not a programmer. Maybe some script which operates with output and input files of applications.

Thanks for answering.

In fact, I made both source codes, CUDA’s and Lumenera’s. The thing is that I do not know how to put the lumenera code into the CUDA code or viceversa. Do you know any example of this in the CUDA SDK?

What can I do?. Many Thanks.

You better ask this question on Lumineras forum, cause most people here have not any idea what Lumineras API is. And most likely it is not cuda specific question. Would you have just CPU application which does the same as cuda application, you would still have same problems of integration most likely.

Yeah, I better do that. Actually, when I try to compile an application with the other libraries, e.g. I try to compile a CUDA application including Lumenera Libraries, the program does not compile. I going to ask on Lumenera, thank you so much for your help.