Mersenne Twister pseudocasuality

Testing the nVidia sample of Mersenne Twister algorythme i noticed that the values generated are always the same.
Is that due to the pseudocasuality of the algorythme? If yes the values generated are always the same or do they change? How can i do to test with random values?

Usually it is the seed that determines the outcome. When you have the same seed, you should get the same outcome. This is very useful because you sometimes want to re-run a simulation. So change the seed, get other values (which are pseudorandom amongst themselves (if that is anywhere near valid english))

in : const unsigned int SEED = 777;

If you change the 777 you should get a different sequence.

Yeah ok it makes sense and that’s what i tought, but if i want everytime a different random sequence how am i supposed to initialise seed?

With another RNG?? :P

The standard method to get a new seed is just take the system clock time, preferrably in milliseconds so a second invocation at the nearly the same time will end up with a new seed. It’s not good enough for encryption, but works fine for non-security applications.