Mesh Shading R&D Project

Hi there !

I’m currently making an R&D project on render pipeline with mesh shading.
I’m completely new on this subject, so for sure, I missed a lot of info.
I don’t know if is the best place to post this. I do not found Mesh Shading specifically so, Graphics programming looks close.

I found plenty of information on that with youtube videos, NVIDIA topics, user topic etc …
But I wonder about how to mesh shading can evaluate in near future.

Can DirectX optimize its render pipeline with mesh shading ?
Can Chronos with Vulkan take the lead over Microsoft on mesh shading?
Triple A studios already start using mesh shading on their games?
How mesh shading will optimize game development?

Whatever question that could help to understand mesh shading :)

Thank you everyone who could may drop links or comments this.

Game dev Student,
Enguerran Cobert.