Message "A GPU crash occurred" quickly appears in a few seconds after App is loaded

When either Isaac Sim or Composer is opened, the message “App is loaded” can be seen from the terminal. However, within a few seconds of the app opening, the message “A GPU crash occurred” quickly appears, then app closed. How can I address this issue? My graphics card is GeForce RTX 2080, 8GB, and the drivers have been updated to the latest GeForce Game Ready 546.17. Omniverse Launcher 1.9.8.

Hi Ruby,
It certainly sounds like some issues with your gpu drivers or similar. To be sure we would have to take a look at the logs. Please upload your logs here from “C:\Users\USER.nvidia-omniverse\logs\Kit\USD.Composer\2023.2”

As a tip first delete all the logs in the folder and then start the app, let it crash and send a new clean log.