Message Broker to local Mosquitto server

Hi guys, I gave up using deepstream documentation for implementing custom message broker solutions. As there is no support for that from Nvidia. However there is a plenty of support for paho/mosquitto implementations so it is more easy to implement.
Could you guys define how exactly offload the messages from DeepStream to local mosquitto server, please?
So it would be useable , please?

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Hi @Andrey1984 ,
Sorry for delay!

What did you not find in our documentation that he needed?

Currently we support AMQP, KAFKA, Azure IoT & Redis protocol adapters. If user needs something other than these,
Custom adapter implementation needs to be done by the user for which we have given APIs. Refer to documentation at

Hi, thank you for following up!
they just wish to recieve GPS at Azure MQTT. Also recieve the detections at Azure. While they have in place GPS message wia Rabbit MQ. Also while Deepstream seems integrate with Azure, the ‘dots won’t connect’
Maybe there is a way to offload the message broker completely to local paho/mosquitto server? So that messages go to local server? Maybe it will be more straightforward [if use of Deepstream messaging to Azure is too complicated to modify], maybe it will be more straightforward to route it through paho/mqtt as long as it could be directed to there from DS