Meta Quest Pro


Do you, or when will you, support Meta Quest Pro?

I don’t see an issue with using Meta Quest Pro in OV. I assume it will be some time before face tracking will be supported. Eye tracking would be more useful for my usecases. I will have one on Monday and let you know how it looks in OV XR.

I beat you to it. :-)

It works great, just in the same way as the Quest 2.

Thanks Jack, I am finally going to try it. I was so wrapped up in the quality of the graphics that I did something I don’t typically do; I played a game. Red Menace 2 is perhaps the only game that takes advantage of the eye tracking, so I bought it. Watch the video Quest Pro for VR gaming is pretty INSANE - YouTube in 4k to see how incredible the graphics are and that’s with playing from the headset. I only use the headset with the fiber optic cable and mostly only with OV XR, for my use case. Getting rid of the Fresnel lens makes a huge difference. I was so excited to see if it worked with OV, I couldn’t sleep. I am up at 4:00 am to test it out.

Hi Jack,
I have OV XR running in the headset, using the fiber optic cable and wifi. Hopefully, the OV XR team have Quest Pro headsets and are working on eye tracking.
I am trying to get things to work without wifi controllers. I tried knuckle controllers, Quest 2 controllers and hand tracking. So, far Steam VR is not recognizing any bluetooth controllers to pair. Let me know if you try this and get any results.