[Meta] Why is there no good way to search through these forums?

There is no way to search the forums for specific terms. The only way to find the right topic on these forums is to do a google search, which throws up all sorts of random and unrelated results. I am sorry if this post breaks community rules and the mods take it down, but I hope the developers of the website will add a search bar to help look for the right content.

google search is quite good at search processing, isn’t it?
It is difficult to compete with google in search techniques, in my opinion.
I always use google search and find answers with it at the forum. The forum supports brilliant google search, why do not use it, as it works greatly? It would be too cumbersome to adjust forum search for custom requests, as per my taste.

I know the forum software is being examined, but I don’t know what might or might not be planned.

Meanwhile, if you do google search, here are some tips:

  • If you quote multiple words, they become a single search key or token.
  • Only so many search keys are used, so if you have a five word search which is a single sentence, then you might reach a limit...but if you know it is a single sentence, and quote it, then further search tokens won't be ignored due to that limit (sorry, I don't know the actual rules of how many tokens will cause more to be ignored).
  • If you add the forum in quotes to the start of the search results become much better. Example: Good:
    "devtalk.nvidia.com" jetson nano power supply


    "devtalk.nvidia.com" jetson nano "power supply"

    Bad (the search algorithm might interpret devtalk, nvidia, and com as separate tokens):

    devtalk.nvidia.com jetson nano power supply
  • You can add things to remove, but this removes every page where this occurs, so be careful. Example if you are searching for nano and want to avoid hits related to raspberry pi:
    "devtalk.nvidia.com" nano -"raspberry pi"

FYI on a google search you can use site:somedomain.com to restrict to a particular site. It probably ends up in the same results what linuxdev suggested, however.

Moreover, you may like to get familiar with extended list of “refined search commands”