MetaData of tracker element in pipeline

Hi guys,
1- I investigate the link, I can access the metadata of frames and objects, but I want to know How I can to accesses to metadata of tracker? I added the tracker element into pipeline, and that’s correct work and show a unique Id for each detected objects in frames, I want to know how to get the number of counter objects?

2- The detectnet_v2 has 4 class, If I want to specefic to give me a given object like person, How do I do? when I set the num-detected-classes=1 in the config file, this give me index 0 of classes, but I want to give me the second or third class. Is it possible? How?

For 1, pls check the deepstream-test1 app
For 2, you can access the special class through the class id in the metadata.