Metahuman Character Hair and beard are missing in Omniverse

I am using Unreal Engine 5.1.0 version to export the Metahuman file. This Metahuman I have created from Metahuman Creator. While importing into omniverse Create 2022.2.2 I got some error.
Some textures are not retaining in OV. Hair also not visible in the viewport in real time and other modes.
Screenshot Attached. Please help me on this issue.

Actually I tried with omniverse Exporter and live connector .Both are not working for metahumans.
Is there any other alternate way to export the Metahuman to omniverse or Share any reference like documents or videos. It will be great support.

I think since this is Omniverse specific you will get much quicker help in the Omniverse Connector forums. I’ll take the liberty of moving your post there.


Hello @jebastin.raja! I’ve contacted the dev team for more assistance on this post!

As for the hair, we also don’t completely support Groom exports into Omniverse yet. As we stated in this other forum post: Metahuman hair missing - #4 by LouRohan, we don’t have it working correctly yet.

The skin material export can be addressed by modifying the Unreal material as demonstrated in the Discord channel: Discord

This video may still be correct, but the MetaHuman projects can change over time, there was a headmask function that changed in the latest version of the sample project that is not yet supported. We have an internal ticket for this… OM-46978

Please get back to me soon.

Checkout this post - Metahuman hair missing - #5 by cheyennerobinson

@cheyennerobinson discovered that if you change the BasisCurve type from bezier to either bspline or catmullRom the hair will display in Create.

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Thanks @LouRohan It is working .But there is some difference ,between UE and Omniverse.