Metahuman retargeting problem

I downloaded a metahuman to UE and exported it to Omniverse as a USD file, but when I tried to do animation retargeting, some skeletons are not rigged correctly. Is this something that can be fixed in Omniverse or should I configure it in UE?
Attached a video to showcase the issue, notice the left and right hands’ position are awkward.

Hello @qazs! Can you send me the file you exported from UE into Omniverse? You can email me at: I will send this over to the dev team while I wait for your file just in case they have more information on this!

Thanks, have emailed the file

Hi @qazs The retargeted skel is in an A Pose - The source skel is in T pose most likely. That offset in the arms is maintained when you setup the re-targeting which is making them push in across the body like that. It’s always best to align your re-target pose to the source skel pose.

Reimport your skel so it’s in a clean pose - Then adjust the arm joints so it’s in a matching Tpose and run the re-targeting. Or where re-targeting is already applied - Click view in the “retarget Pose” section - adjust the pose to a Tpose then click apply. This will save the new re-target pose offsets.

You can find more details on how to use re-targeting in this tutorial. Metahuman retargeting problem

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