Metal housing design guidelines for outdoor applications

Hi, I’m seeking for design guidelines for enclosure design for TX2 Jetson module for an outdoor application. Any suggestions are highly appreciated.


Hi John,

Hope someone could help on this, and before that, it is more important to check the thermal design guide to avoid possible thermal risks.

Assuming you know how to build outdoors enclosures in general, and understand how to mitigate static build-up that can damage CMOS circuitry, then the only thing “special” about the Jetson is the thermal requirements, which Trumany linked to. Read them; they’re quite helpful! Depending on how hard you run the module, you may need to figure out how to dissipate between 7W and 15W, plus whatever else is generated by your surrounding circuitry, without hitting the thermal limits of the module. If you are building a metal enclosure that will sit out in the sun. that could actually be hard.

Thank you all!

Once you keep it outdoor for a period of time, may consider not only thermal, but also lightning, water, bugs, materials aging, etc…
Here is already built on the market in Japan…