Metamux adding license-plate detection metadata to the wrong stream/source

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Jetson Orin
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There seems to be an issue with the Metamux that is particularly noticeable when using an inference branch with Traficcamnet, LPDnet and LPRnet models.

I’m able reproduce this issue with your deepstream_parallel_inference_app

Most frames seem appear correct as show here

Intermittently, you can see the LPD bboxs/labels are added to the incorrect stream as show in the image here


As mentioned, this can be reproduce with the deepstream_parallel_inference_app

Could you please provide the other three videos besides our sample video? We can try that on our side. Thanks

@yuweiw they are sample videos (water mark included) from getty images. See

Sorry, but I can’t find the link to the other one.

Could you attach your config file in your scenario?

@yuweiw sorry for the delay (2.9 KB)

The only thing I changed was that I enabled the EGL Sink and disabled all of the other Sinks.

This issue may take some time to analyze. For now, can you try to set the following macro to see if it works?


@yuweiw new Streammux seems to work much better. Do you happen to know if Pipelines with new `nvstreammux` and `nvstreamdemux` fail to play correctly in DS 6.3 has been resolved in DS 7.0? This has been holding us back from using the new plugin.

The topic you attached will be fixed in our next release, please stay tune for our upcoming release.

Thanks @yuweiw