Method to use SerDes for CSI2 cameras at a distance with Xavier

Hello everyone

I need to incorporate two types of cameras (2x connected by a long wire + 7x connected near the Xavier). For such lengths, I had to use a Serializer-Deserializer (SerDer) to make the camera wires more than 4m long.

For the camera, we are left with 3 options:

  • GMSL Cameras
  • FTDI III Cameras
  • PoE GigE Cameras, and
  • MIPI CSI 2 Cameras (very unusual).

To avoid the cost behind the first 3, I resort to the 4th and unusual choice. I know that CSI cameras are not for such distance connections. But I saw that Thine had solutions for that. I can’t find a way to interface its bare-silicon (SMDs) to the Xavier.

Is there a way to interface such (or any other) SerDes with the Xavier ?


Is there any alternate low-cost solution to get my Cameras wired at such distance > 4m ?

SerDes should be workable, hope someone has experience can be shared. For Xavier, only needs external device to transfer other type of signals into CSI, so better to check with vendor of SerDes for detail first.