Metro Exodus artifacting with DX12 on Pascal & 530.30.02 driver

Something is broken.

GPU: GTX 1080
Driver: 530.30.02
Wine: Proton-GE-50. Reproducible with older versions.



This is still an issue with the newest 530 drivers.

DX11 now has a different kind of graphical glitching in 535.

We can confirm that this is a NVIDIA driver regression. This is tracked in NVIDIA bug 4127336.

Which one? The DX11 issue is different than the DX12 one. In DX11, I get black squares in the cannibal level right before you take the shaft elevator to the train.

I apologize – I conflated this issue with the Elite: Dangerous regression described in Graphical regression in Elite Dangerous - #7 by ahuillet

The Metro artifacts may or may not be the same bug.
EDIT (change env var to the correct one)
Would you please try __GL_b5f2b3=0xFFFFFFFF?
If that makes the problem go away it’s likely the same bug.

Yes, that fixes the DX12 issue above it looks like. The black square issue is present on DX12 as well but it’s less frequent.

It happens here, particularly around the red lights:

I don’t see the supposed artifacts on your screenshot.
But let’s not mix up all issues.
There’s one regression that seems to share a root cause with Elite: Dangerous. I’ve given you a viable workaround.

Are there other regressions? If so, please provide detailed instructions of how to observe them so that we can bisect.

The artifacts disappear and reappear in under a second. They are not always visible.

I think I did tell you how to observe them? On my GTX 960, if I go to that point in the level, I see black squares disappear and reappear. DX11 seems to be worse. I’m playing on low graphics settings with hair works, tessellation, etc on.

Can this be reproduced internally?

The newest driver just causes Exodus to crash now on my 960 when using DX12.