mex.h not found error in cuSVM

I am trying to execute cuSVM (downloaded from ) using CUDA 2.3 (i am using emulator as i dont have GPU), visual studio 2008, but igets following error
“fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: ‘mex.h’: No such file or directory”

I think it has to do something with MexFunction.

I have included Configuration properties–>C/C+±->additional include directories
(CUDA_INC_PATH)";"C:\ProgramData\NVIDIA Corporation\NVIDIA GPU Computing SDK\C\common\inc";"(NVSDKCUDA_ROOT)\C\common\inc”

I have also added following in Tools–> options–> include files

C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2010b\extern\include\win32
C:\ProgramData\NVIDIA Corporation\NVIDIA GPU Computing SDK\C\common\inc
Is it correct?
Pls, help me.