Mget_temp prevents the use of secure boot

I’ve learned that mget_temp and other tools included in the Linux driver depend on talking directly to the device with DMA rather than using the driver. The result is that when the kernel is in lockdown mode (which is what happens when secure boot is enabled) these commands cannot work.

The advice given on these forums is frequently to just turn off secure boot, which should be avoided. The tools provided should work with the driver, not through DMA, to get things as basic as the core temp.

I hope that NVIDIA takes seriously the security of their customers platforms and improves these tools. Please do not simply recommend admins disable secure boot.

This tool so important? Alternative, you can use BMC ipmitools get temp, it is more popular for admin. And on there other hand, if temp abnormal firmware will report to dmesg.

Thank you – I will try BMC ipmitools. Maybe it’s not that important a tool; I just wanted to caution against the blanket advice given sometimes about disabling secure boot.

I discovered the sensor does show up in lm-sensors, which surprised me and solved my problem.

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