MGS 2 frame drops on Shield TV Pro 2019


First of all thanks to all the developers and engineers involved in porting MGS 2 and 3 HD editions for the Shield TV. The ports work well for the most part!

However, I’m experiencing poor performance in MGS 2 on the Shield TV Pro 2019? It can hit 60 FPS most of the time but drops significantly in some parts of the Tanker chapter (most significantly during Olga’s first boss fight in my case).

Somebody also reported the same issue on the game’s review page on Google Play. He wrote the review in 2018 so must’ve used a non-2019 model of the Shield TV.

Seems to have started happening after an Oreo OS update.

This really sucks man. It looked buttery smooth in the old videos taken in 2017 on the Shield TV. Please, please fix the issue. The devs literally only have a handful of devices to support the game for, so problems like this are really unacceptable.

If this isn’t gonna get fixed anytime soon I’m really contemplating on just returning the Shield TV. MGS 2 and 3 were a big part for my decision in buying this, and they barely work! I’d rather just buy an old PS3 to play them properly. Not to mention the CEC issues that I have with the Shield, issues that I don’t have with my Chromecast Ultra and the exact same TV.

Even the PS2 version from late 2001 ran better, let that sink in. The fact that this hasn’t been fixed for almost 2 years is concerning, I have a feeling this will never be fixed.

I can help provide QA-like information from the field if needed. For starters, the frame drops seem to only happen when the famous rain and water effects are visible outside of the ship in Tanker. Please, please fix the issue.

Thanks in advance,