MHRH2A-XSR firmware assistance

I have an MHRH2A-XSR card that has firmware 2.9.1200 but there is no board ID when running the following command “flint -d mt26418_pci_cr0 query”. Is that normal and if so, how can I update the firmware without the board ID?


Could you please post the output for us to see? Also, can you try running.

flint -d {PCI-ID} q

Where pci-id is something like 03:00.0 if you are on linux you can obtain this with

lspci|grep Mel

or if you would like only the id’s then

lspci|grep Mel|awk {‘print $1’}

so this works to always query all Mellanox cards in the system.

flint -d `lspci|grep Mel|awk {‘print $1’} q

Do you still need a hand with this?

typically, you could also find the board IB in the ibv_devinfo command output.