Micro SD Card Design With Jetson TX2 NX & Xavier NX

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I 'm designing carrier board for Jetson TX2 NX and Xavier NX. In my board, I design micro SD card connector. I do not sure about pin SD Card Detect and VDD SD Card enable for SD Card design. I only know the pinout of the module as datasheet show like development board P3509_A01 design schematic (like the picture).

With the reference design, I use GPIO08 (pin 208) for SD Card Detect (SDMMC_CD). Which GPIO pin should I use for SDCARD_VDD_EN?.

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Bang Duong

SDCARD_VDD_EN GPIO should have power-on reset (POR) that will ensure the supply is not enabled by default. The selected GPIO should have the same POR on JTX2_NX and JAX_NX, refer to their pinmux table. So GPIO[00-01, 07, 09-13] is available with ‘pd’ or ‘0’ POR for SDCARD_VDD_EN GPIO, and SDCARD power supply should be enabled by HIGH for this case.

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