Micro USB 2.0/3.0 connector Shield connection in device mode

I am developing a custom carrier board for Jetson TX2 in which I am using the USB micro connector which can be used as both in Host mode or Device mode. I will use this USB interface with my PC. So my PC will be Host and the Jetson TX2 will be device. So I have a query regarding the shield of the USB connector.

Should the shield of the USB connector to be connected to the GND plane on the custom board or should it have a isolated GND plane seperated from the custom board GND?

Appreciate your reply.

Also please provide design documents related to this query if any

I don’t know about this case, but documentation (including carrier board schematic) can be found here:

Redirect does not work, so go there, log in, and go there a second time. Just select the TX2 product, and perhaps search for “schematic”. I am unsure if you will find details specific to the ground shell, but in the past I’ve always grounded that shell (not on this particular product). Can someone confirm?