Micro USB disabled

hello all,

it seems the dtb files i used for flashing, disable the MicroUSB…
now i cant get my jetson board in recovery mode.
do you think this is the reason why ?

if so, do you know how i can repair that ?
because i cant use my jetson anymore…
OS is not fully installed & not operationnal at all.

Thank you,

Recovery mode should always be available regardless of what was flashed. Be sure you are holding the recovery button down as you tap the power on or power reset button…then check on your host to see if the TX2 shows up via:

lsusb -d 0955:7c18

[EDIT: I had a stray ‘-’ in this and corrected this.]

Also be sure you are using the original micro-B USB cable shipped with the dev kit (if not consider the cable itself suspect since many “OTG” cables are only charger cables).

Ok thanks.
thats what i thought but the coincidence was weird.

I have already flashed several jetsons so that why im surprised.
but anyway. thanks i will try some other things.